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Emma James Physiotherapy and James Corporate Health
FCO Health and Wellness Centre

We now manage the Foreign and Commonwealth Office health and wellness centre located in
King Charles Street on the lower ground floor.

We are a holistic health and wellness company focusing on all of your health care needs from
Biomechanical assessments, chartered physiotherapy, gym management to long and short term
absenteeism occupational health and everything in between. We provide an entirely patient and
member focused approach and provide exemplary customer care. Our staff are available on site
daily and between 8-8pm over the phone.

“Let your health be in our hands”

Our team is made up of chartered physiotherapists, PT’s and sports massage therapists and GPs.
All physiotherapists are chartered and state registered and we are affiliated with all medical
insurance companies and additional treatments can be self-funded or reclaimed directly through
health insurance by ourselves. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

The facility is located in its new refurbished location, in King Charles Street, on the lower
ground floor, on the West side of the building (close to the Ambassadors’ entrance). It has
undergone extensive equipment replacement and increased staffing to ensure your needs are met,
we welcome all feedback and any suggestions how we can improve our service.

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Please call us on 01442 870686 or email us at
Alternatively send us a message via the contact form and we will get back to you ASAP..

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