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We are proud to offer our services to those in need who are based abroad

Emma James Physiotherapy is now into its 16th year of business providing the highest level of Chartered Physiotherapy to a multitude of patients with a wide variety of conditions and treatment needs.

It is well recognised and understood that patient-focused care is at the centre of our ongoing success and is something we strive to continually provide.

It is also well recognised and respected that physiotherapy as a caring profession is very personal and the relationship built with your Physiotherapist is based on trust, longevity and continuity of care. This is where EJP stands alone and is able to offer exclusivity to our premium customers who require the highest level of care combined with maximum discretion.

Emma James Physiotherapy has a network of therapists from chartered physiotherapists to sports therapists, pilates instructors and massage therapists each with different areas of specialty, therefore we will be able to match the professional to your clinical needs whatever they may be. Through our extensive networks of leading London and Hertfordshire consultants and exclusive relationship with the best London-based private hospitals we are able to assist in all aspects of your care to ensure not only a holistic treatment plan but also continuity of care.

Our private physiotherapists are happy to travel and we have looked after many clients from the Middle East including Egypt, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

We are able to facilitate your care package wherever you are to prevent interruption in your rehabilitation programme. This methodology ensures the speediest recovery and return to normal pain-free function, whatever your problem be it a simple sprain to a complex fracture or stroke. Whether it is a course of treatment in your home, office or hotel or to assist in finding you the best and most appropriate surgeon or hospital for your health requirement, we are able to travel overseas to liaise with other health professionals and therapists for you, making your rehabilitation far less daunting.

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